In order to develop high added value products, we have established an R&D team of chemists and chemical engineers. The compliance of the raw materials we use with the national and environmental standards is analyzed by our R&D department.

In terms of environment and human health, we keep sustainability and quality standards in all of our operations. We do not manufacture with any chemicals that will harm the environment.

None of the raw materials we use in production contain flammable, combustible, explosive substances. We provide analysis certificates for the products we sell.


The quality of our products is guaranteed by our laboratory department.

While carrying out color studies and chemical analyzes which are demanded by our customers; color controls are made with a color meter (spectrophotometer) and color measurements are archived on a company basis.

By loading the expansions of all the colors used in color measuring devices, it is possible to get prescriptions without errors.

We calibrate our instruments with certain periods. These periods are determined according to the sensitivity of the device to guarantee the measurement accuracy, deviation, traceability and maintenance.

To assure the quality of our products, the traceability of our measuring and testing equipment is performed by useing referenced devices conforming to international standards.