.: Corporate :.

TEKAY CHEMICAL is a TEKAY GROUP organization. Tekay Group is a company that always has a target to be the best and to offer the best to the customers, also has the ISO norm. In the background of Tekay’s fast and stable growing you can find the understanding of unconditional customer satisfaction, human source investment and the institutional politics based on total quality. Tekay is debtor its experience to the founder’s experience since 1972 in textile sector. With all the products and their quality, Tekay Chemical has a target to be a brand that can not be abandoned. On the Turkish market, about textile dye and chemicals, Tekay C...

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Without making quality as a cost, having the principle is to maintain the gladness of customers in highest level. With process improvement studies and innovational applications to be non-alternative because of owned value of stability...

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.: Services :.


The quality of our products is guaranteed by our laboratory department. Research & Development Laboratory and Customer Laboratory services are available in our company.


Thanks to the logistic infrastructure that adopts the principle of "For the first time on time and always on time", our products are delivered to our customers both at home and abroad quickly.


Our company, which has developed itself in terms of service, quality, product variety and technical support, has become a solution partner by offering its high quality product range to its customers.


.: N E W S :.

Our goal is to be able to come to a good place in chemical substances as we are in the field of dyeing and printing. And to be able to reduce costs of quality standards that the dye shops complain most. We have invested a lot in the sense of this R&D..
Kayhan ÜNSAL
Tekay Chemical General Manager