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Vinyl Sulphone Dyes

Vinyl Sulphone Dyes

»   Simple process requiring minimal capital investment, easy clean-down process suitable for short runs, wide range of products for broad shade gamut, multiple options for economical black & navy shades, range of dischargeable dyes for ground shades, good wash-off properties for good fastness levels.
PROCESS SUITABILITY: Warm exhaust, Pad-dry-chemical pad steam (Selectively), Pad-dry-steam (Selectively), Pad-dry-thermofix (Selectively)

»   Our company has JAKAZOL series dyes in this group.

↓   15 products..   ↓

               Jakazol Yellow GL

               Jakazol Yellow GR-T

               Jakazol Golden Yellow HRNL

               Jakazol Orange 3R

               Jakazol Red BB

               Jakazol Red 3B-T

               Jakazol Red RB-T

               Jakazol Brilliant Blue RE

               Jakazol Brilliant Blue R.SP

               Jakazol Blue BB

               Jakazol Turquoise PG

               Jakazol Black BB

               Jakazol Black JNNN

               Jakazol Black CE-CL

               Jakazol Black EX-D