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We're At The ITMA-2019 Textile And Garment Technology Exhibition

Tekay Chemical is at the ITMA-2019 [image]

ITMA-2019, the world's largest Textile and Garment Technology Exhibition, will be held in Barcelona, ​​Spain, from 20 to 26 June 2019. It is expected that the exhibition will provide a unique opportunity for global textile and garment manufacturers and brands to reach new solutions. The presence of 1691 participants from 46 countries in ITMA-2015 which was held four years ago in Milan, increases the interest of the textile and garment sector companies.  As TEKAY Group, we plan to participate in ITMA-2019 with our wide product range and we will represent our country in the best way. We are pleased to welcome you to our stand at ITMA-2019.. (HALL NO. H3, STAND NO. E134)

Brüggemann Celebrated Its 150th Anniversary Of The Founding

Brüggemann Celebrated Its 150th Anniversary Of The Founding [image]

Brüggemann which had great support to us in the establishment of Tekay Chemical and which we made the representation for many years in Turkey, celebrated 150th anniversary of its founding, in Heilbronn, Germany. Upon Mr. Brüggemann and his wife's invitation, Chairman of the Board of Tekay Group Ömer ÜNSAL and General Manager of Tekay Chemical Kayhan ÜNSAL attended the ceremony..

Celebrating Our 25 Years Anniversary

Our 25 Years Anniversary [image]

As Tekay Chemical; we have filled our 25th year with our superior quality and unlimited service understanding in textile dye and chemicals sector. We live in the joy and pride of leaving behind a quarter century of new excitement every day. We are continuing our service activities, started by our founder and chairman Ömer ÜNSAL in 1993, with 4 companies at home and abroad under Tekay Group roof. Our 25th establishment anniversary gives us an opportunity to think about our past and to plan our future. We are with you a long time with our acclaimed quality and wide product range; but we know that the textile dye and chemicals sector will continue to develop and change..

Special Chemicals From Tekay That Set Quality Standards

Tekay Kimya, whose founder was in the textile sector since the year 1972, has been providing service for the textile sector for 21 years.

Having come to a certain position especially in dyeing and printing, Tekay Kimya has the aim to maintain its place within the market and increase its market share more without compromising its quality standard. Tekay Kimya General Director Kayhan Ünsal shared the improvements made in the sector with us.

As being one of the leading companies of our sector, can you briefly tell us about your company and your works?

First Time Appearance Of Brüggemann Chemical At The Paint-Istanbul

Brüggemann Chemical will present the whole portfolio of Reducing Agents to the attendees at the Paint-Istanbul together with our Turkish distributor Tekay Kimya. Besides the well-known product Bruggolite® E01, Brüggemann Chemical will present the latest findings for the application of Bruggolite® FF6M.

Bruggolite® FF6M is used for both main and post-polymerization of emulsion polymers. Particularly important is the ability of Bruggolite® FF6M to facilitate the production of VOC- and formaldehyde free emulsion polymers..

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